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Nadia is educated in both sciences and in art. This attributes to her love for the combination of realistic and abstract, sometimes surreal approach to her paintings and collages.

Unique use of color and love for innovative techniques makes her art different. One of the techniques, she was in particular fond of is batik. Combination of creatively controlled forms in an artwork with spontaneous details appearing due to the use of hot wax and fabric dyes in this technique was fascinating to her.

Besides fine art training, Nadia Smirnova-Mierau holds an MS in Physics from Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Her specialty was nuclear physics, elementary particles. After graduation she worked at the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia. In 1997 she relocated to New York. She also has been studying and practicing astrology for more then 15 years. She is applying her scientific background to her research in astrology as well as readings.

All that technical education, spiritual search & creative talent fuses into a distinctive style of painting & creative expression. Forms & colors representing Life tend to find comfort in coexistence with dry abstract, seemingly dead, spheres, lines, squares and other shapes.

Nadia has participated in group exhibits and had solo shows in Russia and US. She has sold a lot of her original paintings and giclee reproductions over the years. 

These days Nadia is a graphic and web designer, proud owner of a giclee printing company, which specializes in museum quality fine art printing and reproductions. All giclee prints presented on this website are produced by this company.

Nadia is also a cyber patron of several non-profit organizations:


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